Working with black background is very challenging.You have limited color option but if you take minimalist approach then you will certainly enjoy working with black background.We will discuss about 7 sites which have done this thing nicely.


This site has not only used black and white color combination perfectly besides it has also used full screen background image nicely.In that image its whole creative team is present which is a very cool idea  to tell a small organizations story.

full screen background with black colorLeah Hagger

This portfolio site of  Leah Hagger is a great example of minimalism.Saying more with less is the key concept of the site.The look is also very elegant.

full screen background with black color for leah haggar

Rory Mcllroy

I just loved the way the home page of the official  site of golfer Rory Mcllroy  has been created.The combination of red and black is perfect and also soothing to eyes.Images also fits perfectly to the black background.

full screen background with black color

Estate Black

Do you like wine?Whether you like wine or not i bet you will definitely like this site.You will see lots of empty space in the home page but that’s the beauty of the design .Colorful images have become visually attractive.The big wine bottle fits nicely with the site’s design.

black estate vineyard

Marcin Kaniewski Photography

This is another great example of  site with black background.When you reach at the site’s homepage immediately Marcin Kaniewski’s name in red color becomes point of interest.A nice example of using color at only one place of site’s homepage  to draw viewer’s attention.

full screen background with black color for marcin kaniewski


A fantastic site which have perfectly used its black background.Go to their home page.You will definitely like the site.The grid pattern colorful images are just awesome.

full screen background with black color for visualboxsiteThe Old  State

Now last but not the least is The Old State.The use of fonts and site’s overall design gives you a vintage and classy look.The only colorful part of the homepage is the images used in the slideshow which adds flavor to the classy old vintage look of the site.

full screen background with black color for the old stateSo if you  have not already worked with dark backgrounds start experimenting now.  If you have noticed some other nice works on black background share with us in the comment section. Read the rest of this entry »


We are creative, always hungry for knowing what is hot & happening in web design.Today we are telling you about 7 sites which will keep you updated about latest trends in web design. So stay hungry & stay creative!!


Noupe is one of the best site for web designers.When you land at their homepage you immediately gets impressed and discover that they have articles covered on variety of topics.Everything a web developer cares is there.

noupe a great tutorial site for web designersTutorialzine

This blog was created by Martin Angelov when he was in college.Till then this blog  has attracted developers for unique tutorial on latest technologies like HTML5,CSS3 and also articles on jquery,Ajax etc.


Build Internet

If you are a jquery lover you will definitely love this site.This site has lots of tutorial on creating stunning jquery effects & plugins.They have tutorial on php,wordpress,css also but jquery portion is really awesome.

build internet

CSS Tricks

Don’t get fooled by the name CSS tricks.This site has tutorial on everything & some nice video tutorial and they also give great deals and some great jquery plugin for free.

css tricks


This is a goldmine!!Believe me.I have never seen such great tutorials on CSS3 & Jquery in any other site.Tutorials are well explained and with every tutorial there is a demo page given to observe the effects of the content.


Vandelay Design Blog

Another great site for web developers.This blog covers variety of articles on photography,logo design,graphic design and also on front end & back-end technologies.

vandelays designThe New Boston

Now last but not the least is The New Boston.Though you will found here nothing about design but this site provides in-depth video tutorial about various front end technologies & back-end technologies.A very good site for beginners to get started.

the new bostonGetting hungry?Lets start exploring and if you know some other great tutorial site share with us. Read the rest of this entry »

Since Google has declared page speed as a factor in Page Rank the need for image optimization for web has become a must.Besides more time it takes to load your page more chances are there that user closes your site and open some other site.

How to optimize?

there are 2 choices for you.First one is offline method using Photoshop or some other software. Second one is online method.

1)offline method

We will use Photoshop for this purpose. Follow these simple steps In Photoshop to optimize your image for web.

1) First open Photoshop and then press Ctrl+O or click on file then click open and browse your picture

2)Next click on file then select save for web or press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S. Read the rest of this entry »

Web security is a  vast subject & I am not an  expert in this topic.I have just tried to describe some simple initial steps to keep your web app secure.If your website contains very sensitive data you should consider an expert.

1)Upgrade your PHP version

   PHP is  the simplest server-side language & presently 80% of all the websites are running on it .The good part of  this is that bugs &  security vulnerability are very often detected and fixed and when a  new version is released it contains inbuilt all the bug fixes & security fixes detected in its previous version .So whenever a new version is around consider upgrading your php version.Using older PHP version increases risks of attack.

 2)Turn off error reporting

            When we build a web app error reporting helps us very much pin-pointing our error but when your web app goes online hackers may get benefited from this directive because it tell them too much about your app’s inside story.So you must tern off your display_errors directive.

   3) Use URL rewriting

URL rewriting not only increases your search engine rating but it also increases  security of your web app.Hackers will not get from your url which server side script you have used in your web app which also adds a layer of protection for your app.

4) Check user data

The first lesson of security is never trust user data.While most of the user’s input will be as you expected but some  bad guy will try SQL injection .Always use mysql_real_escape_string()function to evade any invalid characters in user input.Never enter user input directly into database.Sometimes in the comment form users want to bold their comment & so they use HTML tags.In this case you can use htmlentities() function to Convert all applicable characters to HTML entities.

5)Restrict user’s privilege

Giving additional privilege to users than they actually  need brings security risks to your app.When making your web app you definitely have a clear idea of all required user actions .In most cases INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE ,SELECT are enough for users.This list may slightly vary according to your app.You must not give  privilege like SUPER or PROCESS until absolutely necessary.One other thing that you should consider that use minimum two type of users one is visitors and another is admin and then give separate set of privilege to each.All user account should be password protected and always use non dictionary words as password.

Every  little step you follow makes your web app more and more secure.More time it takes to hack your site hackers find some other less secure site to launch their attack.In the next part of this article i will discuss some other steps to secure your site.Till then stay alert stay protected!!

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Images are very powerful. We all  use images…we use it very often  for describing our products or for making our site visually attractive.But some sites have used full screen background image to tell us their story.HOW? lets see…… Read the rest of this entry »

Start using HTML5 today

Posted: September 18, 2012 in HTML5
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HTML5 is far better than HTML4.It has some amazing features like canvas ,filesystem api,geolocation.I was really amazed when I first saw its proposed features.But the most common problem that  newbies face is that they read some really amazing feature of  HTML5 and try testing it.But some features just don’t work,maybe for older browser version but in some cases even most recent version of browsers are not able to run this code properly.Now this is where the question arieses….should we start using html5 today?

   Confusing facts–you will often hear people saying W3C  have proposed 2024 for full implementation of HTML5 .So why use HTML5 today??.They will also tell you that not any of today’s web browser’s supports HTML5 completely.All of these things are true.But here is my argument why you should start using HTML5 today–

  1. HTML5 is modularRead the rest of this entry »